Philanthropist Yank Barry

November 20, 2016
Just over 20 years ago, while he was traveling the world for business as a successful food entrepreneur with Vitapro, Yank Barry witnessed appalling conditions that changed everything for him. Good people were being forced to live in the worst conditions imaginable and it caused him to reassessed priorities. From there, he made a conscious decision to help as many as possible out of such abject poverty.

These days, Yank Barry is considered a world-class philanthropist. That’s because his efforts have been enormously successful. One of the most prominent examples has to be his global hunger initiative, the Global Village Champions Foundation, which has thus far served up more than one billion meals to the hungry worldwide since 1995. That is just one example, though. Unlike many philanthropists, Yank and his wife Yvette don't just write checks; they put themselves on the front lines to aid people caught in crisis. Working closely with local agencies and NGOs all over the world, Yank Barry has been able to bring help to millions, even many in politically unstable areas that other organizations avoid. In recent years, they have helped thousands of refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran leave behind the violence and volatility caused by groups like ISIS, to provide them with whatever they need to rebuild their lives. He has been rewarded many times, including three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yank Barry, Nobel Nominee

August 20, 2016
During his nearly 30 years in the music industry, Yank Berry was a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and publisher. He also wrote advertising jingles for some of the most popular brands of all time. However, the suffering he saw ass he traveled the world changed everything and turned him into a world-class philanthropist.

For 20 years, Yank Barry’s global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation, has provided more than one billion meals to hungry people all over the world. Working closely with local agencies and NGOs all over the world, they have helped people in politically unstable areas where few others would even venture. His philanthropic vision involves a lot more than money.

One reason Yank Barry was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times is because he puts himself on the front lines when it comes time to provide aid to people caught in crisis. Recently, he has focused his efforts on helping refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran, and he has helped thousands of them escape the violence and mayhem caused by groups like ISIS, providing the victims with whatever they need to rebuild their lives, whether it is food, a home, medical supplies or anything else they need.

Yank Barry: Prestigious Awards Winner

February 25, 2016
Yank Barry was nominated for 2014 Nobel Peace Prize by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson for his commitment to helping people and championing for peace in the world by providing food and enabling individuals regain from catastrophes and developing impoverished countries. Mr. Brry is the founder of the Global Village that offers humanitarian help to victims of disasters. The Foundation responds to disasters and catastrophe-stricken areas around the world to provide medical aid, food, shelter, and clothes for the victims, breaks through political barriers and red tape to offer help those in need.

Yank Barry collaborated with Evander Holyfield in the refugee camps to rescue families in 2013 in Bulgaria. A doctor and a nurse saved from Benghazi six today offer humanitarian support at the Global village. Yank Barry alongside the Bulgarian Refugees State Agency’s President Mr. Nicolay Chirpanliev has provided support to people who need help. His family went to Bulgaria at a time when Jews were escaping Hitler’s wrath. As a result, he developed  high respect for the country and a steadfast willingness to help people.

Renowned publication, journalist and public figures have recognized Yank Barry for his endless humanitarian efforts. Recently he was requested to be included in Nelson Mandela tribute due to their similar vision for the world. His success is reflected by the many worldwide prestigious accolades such as US Congress uplift award, ChildHelp, Life For A Kid, WBC Medical, Sports Media, and Boxing Hall of Fame awards just to mention a few and the smiles from children he has given new sense of life and hope.